Lockheed Martin and Rafael Collaborate
December 9, 2022
Order of Puma Ammunition to Rheinmetall
December 9, 2022
Russia Trying to Freeze the Ukraine Conflict

NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg said at Wednesday that Russia is trying to freeze the conflict with Ukraine in order to recover and carry out a larger attack.

Stoltenberg, at the Financial Times’ Global Boardroom event, which he attended via video link, stated that the conflict between the two countries will probably proceed more calmly during the winter. In addition, Stoltenberg pointed out that there is no sign that Russia will display a peaceful approach.

Stoltenberg, speaking to Financial Times Editor Roula Khalaf, said: ‘’Russia is trying to freeze the conflict to regroup and then launch a larger offensive because Ukraine has momentum right now.’’ Emphasizing that the timing and content of any negotiations with Russia will be determined by Ukraine, he concluded his words with the words, “The more we want a peaceful solution, the more urgent it is for us to provide military support to Ukraine”.

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