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December 9, 2022
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December 9, 2022
Lockheed Martin and Rafael Collaborate

Lockheed Martin and Israel-based Rafael Advanced Defence Systems have signed a team agreement to develop, test and manufacture High Energy Laser Weapon Systems (HELWS).

The collaboration will be aimed at developing a variant of the study not only for the American markets but also for other markets. The system, which will be jointly developed by the USA and Israel, will be based on assets independently developed by Rafael and the Directorate of Defence Research and Development (DDR&D) within the framework of the IRON BEAM project.

The IRON BEAM project, a product of the joint efforts of DDR&D and Rafael, completed the system tests last year. The IRON BEAM 100kW class HELWS system is expected to be the first operational system for ground-based air defence that can quickly deal with threats such as rockets, mortars and UAVs.

Rafael CEO and Chairman, Major General Yoav Har-Even said: ‘’ This strategic team agreement acts as a power multiplier for Rafael and the Israeli market. We work to ensure that our customers receive the most advanced, effective and best-in-class systems. This agreement will expand and diversify the capabilities we can offer to our diverse customers. Over the last three decades, along with DDR&D and the Israeli Ministry of Defence, Rafael has invested in laser research and development, resulting in IRON BEAM and we expect it to be the first operational laser defence system of its kind. This is a clear example of how Israeli-made capabilities lead to strategic cooperation that will greatly benefit both sides.’’

Lockheed Martin Chief Operating Officer Frank St. said: ‘’ Lockheed Martin’s mission is to provide the best security solutions that help our customers stay ahead of their enemies. Working with Rafael, our joint team will help bring this new, life-saving capability to our customers. This unique capability will enhance Israel’s vital air and missile defence system with the latest in laser technology, and we are honoured by Lockheed Martin’s opportunity to expand its role as a security teammate for the State of Israel.’’

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