New Arrow from the US and Israel
February 19, 2021
Partnership from Saudi Arabia and Korea
February 22, 2021
Russia Tests Its Drones in Syria

Bekkhan Ozdoyev, Head of Weapons Systems Industry at Rostec, interviewed Izvestia.  Ozdoyev explained in the interview that kamikaze drones developed by Russia were used in the conflict in Syria during the testing phase. According to Ozdoev, such drones are much cheaper than missiles, have low radar cross-sectionals and are “highly effective” on the battlefield.  The head of weapons systems, who did not reveal the name of the aerial platforms, said it was important that the platforms were tested in real combat conditions in Syria.

In the interview, it was underlined that Bayraktar TB2 has recently received full marks from the global arena. Some of the questions in the interview are: “What kind of UAVs is Rostec ready to offer with similar features to Turkish-made platforms? Earlier, the drone Corsair was introduced. At what stage is the work on these platforms? When will mass production start?”

Ozdoyev responded to the questions by saying: “Rosoboronexport introduces the Orion-E reconnaissance and offensive platform, which is considered to be the eon of Bayraktar TB2… Corsair is going through a testing phase. When the Department of Defence is ready to sign the contract, the Luch Design Bureau will begin mass production. In addition, Korsar-E platforms, the export version of Corsairs, have been developed.”

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