New Ramjet-Powered Ammunition to KF-X
February 16, 2021
Approval for The Sale of RAM Block 2 to Egypt
February 18, 2021
New Agreement Reached on Europe’s Corvette Project

Italy-based shipbuilder Fincantieri announced the addition of a new firm to the European Patrol Corvette (EPC) Construction Programme.

The agreement, aimed at expanding industrial cooperation within the framework of the programme, was signed with Naviris, a joint venture between Fincantieri and Naval Group and Navantia.

The program’s prime contractors are Fincantieri and Naval Group. Greece and Spain joined the EPC in 2020, which was launched in November 2019 under the leadership of Italy and France.

The corvette, which will be designed to be about 110 meters long and 5.5 meters wide, is expected to reach 10,000 miles of cruising range.

Under the EPC, it is estimated that the Italian Navy will take eight units and the French Navy will take nine or 11 corvettes into its inventory.

Construction of corvettes is planned to begin in 2025. In 2027, the first deliveries of the platforms will be made, which will drive the goal of open solution partnership and modularity to comply with national requirements.

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