New UCAV from China, CH-6
September 29, 2021
ENS Al Aziz Spotted with New Gun and Radar
October 4, 2021
NATO Submarine Search and Rescue Exercise

A NATO submarine search and rescue exercise has taken place in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

It took place from 12 to 24 September of Aksaz, north-eastern Turkey.

Dynamic Monarch/Kurtaran 2021 focused on utilising various technologies to save sailors stuck on a sunken submarine.

The exercise involved assets and personnel from Italy and Turkey together with personnel from Canada, Greece, Spain and the United States.

It was organised by the International Submarine Escape and Rescue Liaison Office (ISMERLO) and was tied to the Turkish Navy exercise Kurtaran.

All personnel were fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and had their PCR tests prior to tthe exercise.

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