NATO Submarine Search and Rescue Exercise
September 30, 2021
Poland to Supply Abrams
October 14, 2021
ENS Al Aziz Spotted with New Gun and Radar

The MEKO A-200 class frigate of the Egyptian Navy was spotted for the first time after the integration of the 127 mm gun and the NS100 3D AESA radar.

The ThyssenKrupp-manufactured ship sails with a crew of 120 and has a cruising speed of 20 knots.

The ship with a displacement of 3500 tons can perform its duty for 21 days without resupplying.

MEKO A-200 class ships can be used in a wide variety of missions such as air defense, surface warfare and anti-submarine warfare.

The NS100 radar integrated into the ship is capable of tracking different targets with a single mode at the same time.

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