Decision for OMTTZA
October 14, 2018
Greece Requests Surplus Amphibious Vehicles, AAV-7A1
October 16, 2018
MMP is Going Well

France announced the completion of the hot weather tests of the MMP missile. MBDA's MMP (Missile Moyenne Portée / Medium Range Missile) tests have been carried out in Djibouti for the use of hot weather and semi-desert environments. Nine MMPs were fired in the Djibouti leg of the trials, and all of them hit their targets. In the scope of tests,this type of missile fired first time from RHIB. Thus, the system proved its reliability in hot weather conditions. MMP is a fifth generation system, and developed to replace MILAN and Javelin systems. Missile’s ready-to-launch weight is 15 kilograms, the system has an effective range of 4,000 meters. The system, which can be used by a single soldier and has a diameter of 140 mm, includes fire and forget and fire and update features.

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