US Navy Approves Testing 3D Printed Metal Part At Sea
October 12, 2018
First Foreign Customer to Fire Scout
October 15, 2018
Decision for OMTTZA

Defence Industry Executive Committee (Savunma Sanayii İcra Komitesi/ SSIK) gathered under the chairmanship of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. SSIK has decided on special purpose tactical wheeled vehicle (Özel Maksatlı Taktik Tekerlekli Zırhlı Araç /ÖMTTZA) program which was a surprise. The project first came to the agenda in 2009 for the supply of 336 vehicles, and many times SSIK was about to decide but never achieved. Most recently the amount was more than 450 vehicles but C4Defence learned that the amount is reduced.

A new indigenous engine will be applied to vehicles and some vehicles will be supplied with 25 mm remote controlled turret. Defence sources do not name winner company but C4Defence has learned that FNSS is likely to be the winner. It this is correct, they will supply  the PARS 6×6 SCOUT, and Pars 8X8.

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