Korea’s Aircraft Carrier Project Officially Begins

Tu-160M Displayed on Assembly Line
January 7, 2021
Royal Navy’s New Offshore Patrol Vessel
January 9, 2021

The Republic of Korea announced that it has added the budget set for the LPX-II Aircraft Carrier to its 2020-2024 defence plan. Thus, the project officially began.

As part of the aircraft carrier project, which entered the pre-planning process about a year ago, amphibious operations will be replaced by aircraft-based assault and defence.

The platform design states that the Ski-jump ramp has been removed. The ballistic missile defence radar (MFR), developed for Korea’s next generation destroyer, will also be used in the LPX-II.

The F-35B Lightning II stands out for the ship’s main aircraft, while the F-35s’ sensors and ammunition are expected to be Korean production.

The US and UK government and firms will support Korea in the LPX-II project. London will offer technical and doctrinal advice. Washington will transfer technology for the reinforced deck as part of its F-35B purchase.

The aircraft carrier is expected to enter the service of the Navy in 2030.

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