Georgia Starts Production of M4 and Drones
May 19, 2021
Netanyahu Announces Destruction of Iranian Drone by Security Forces
May 21, 2021
London Embargo on Aircraft Sales to Argentina

The China-Pakistan joint venture group sent a delegation to Buenos Aires on May 8. According to reports, the delegation discussed the sale of 12 JF-17 fighter jets to Argentina and visited the FadeA aircraft manufacturing facility.

Local media reported that FAdeA could host the assembly line and maintenance of JF-17 aircraft in the future. Meanwhile, the UK, which has imposed an embargo on Argentina, could block the sale of the JF-17. Key components of the plane’s ejector seat are manufactured by Britain’s Martin Baker Company.

Argentina will purchase 10 FA-50s worth USD 200 million from Korea in 2019. However, the FA-50’s five or six main components produced by UK-based firms were subject to an export license, and London did not allow platforms to be produced for Argentina.

Russia could be the last chance for the Argentine Air Force. Buenos Aires is known to have asked Moscow for information to purchase 12 Su-35 Flanker-E fighter jets.

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