Israel Approved Readiness Plan
January 28, 2020
Last Frigate Launched
January 30, 2020
Lockheed Martin Space Mesh Against Hypersonic Threats

Upon increasing hypersonic speed ballistic threats, Lockheed Martin announced that a new low-orbit space mesh system for observation missions was developed and the first prototype was placed in orbit.

Within the scope of the program called Pony Express 1, which reached the prototype phase in a short period of nine months, it was announced that the first system was placed in orbit in December 2019. The study, which is expected to attract the attention of the Pentagon, aims to establish a cubic satellite-based early warning network mesh in space. It is stated that the satellite, which has HiveStar ™ technology developed by Lockheed Martin, has high processing power thanks to its sensor and software defined systems and can quickly adapt to user requirements.

Satellites, which are suitable for the establishment of a satellite mesh network thanks to HiveStar ™ software and wideband communication antenna, have advanced capabilities such as multiple RF applications, store-and-forward RF collection, data compression, digital signal processing and waveform transmission. It is also stated that the 3D produced parts in the development of the systems. The next step of the company is cloud networking concepts among two Pony Express 2 cubic satellites and reach more advanced processor capability.

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