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January 14, 2020
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Kotil: TUSAŞ Will Finish Projects With Passion

Dr Temel Kotil was appointed as the General Manager of TUSAŞ on 21 October 2016. We talked to Temel Kotil about the last three years of the institution. While explaining the products, investments and future developments of TAI in the last days of the year, Kotil stated that the company would pave the way with the conversion of domestic projects into products.

Turkish Aviation and Space Industry Inc. (TUSAŞ) plays an essential role in the localization activities of the platforms, with its works involving the development, modernization, production and system integration of aviation and space industry systems. On the one hand, TUSAŞ produces parts for foreign aerospace companies; on the other hand, taking part in aviation projects of Turkey and expanding the design capability of Turkey. The company produced the Agricultural Spraying Aircraft (Zirai İlaçlama Uçağı /ZİU), which is hardly remembered by the public. It was Turkey’s first product in an area, which Turkey fell behind 100 years. This aircraft was followed by unmanned aerial vehicle ANKA and Basic Trainer Aircraft HÜRKUŞ. We listened to the process and vision from TUSAŞ General Manager Professor Temel Kotil.

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