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April 22, 2021
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April 23, 2021
Korea’s New Unmanned Ground Vehicle

The Republic of Korea has announced the successful development of its new unmanned surveillance vehicle (USV). Hanwha Defence has integrated the communication and surveillance systems of the 6×6 platform.

According to a statement from Hanwha, the vehicle will be in the class of 2,000 tons. The armed USV will be used to direct mechanized troops through tactical routes and remotely across various terrains.  “The vehicle is designed to carry out many operations such as reconnaissance, target guidance, anti-enemy combat,” a Hanwha spokesman said. The platform is autonomous, remotely commanded and also has artificial intelligence.


The system also includes features such as tracking, travel route control, obstacle detection and road planning in case of loss of communication. Powered by hybrid systems, the vehicle was armed with a machine gun. 6×6 vehicles are scheduled to be operational in 2027.

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