Soyuz-5 On The Way
November 5, 2018
Modernization to F-35s
November 7, 2018
Kiev: Field Experience Exposed

Ongoing for about four years, the armed confrontation between Ukraine and Russia did not dominate the general atmosphere of the Expo. However, its impact was visible in terms of participant profile. Although Ukrainian products are now combat-proven, low production capacity and economic deficiencies negatively influence supply and export targets. The Expo is nevertheless an opportunity to acquire new capability for those with a project at hand.

Attended by participants from a total of 14 countries, the level of participation by official delegates bore similarity. In Deputy Minister-level participations, the general composition of the delegates included procurement-minded members rather than investment and cooperation. However, Ukraine’s expectations can be summarised as joint partnership along with export; financing, project, employment and market opportunities, as well as exchange of information and expertise.

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