Brazil Begins Drone Development
April 27, 2021
Engine Produced for Altay Tank Completed
April 29, 2021
Israel Claims Iran Has Missile with a Range of 5,000 Km

In a letter to the Security Council, Ambassador Gilad Erdan, Israel’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, claimed that Iran has a missile with a range of 5,000 km.

The letter also claimed that the missile fired from the Zuljanah launch vehicle could carry up to 1,000 tons of warheads and hit any target on the European continent, noting that because of its range, it could become the most powerful weapon in Iran’s inventory. Iran’s current Zuljanah missile has a warhead of 750 kg and a range of 3,000 km.

The letter of the Israeli ambassador to the U.N. said that mobile launchers make prelaunch detection more complex and are typically used for launching surface-to-surface ballistic missiles. “This activity casts further doubt as to whether Iran’s space program is really for peaceful purposes, as the regime claims. These latest technological advancements point once again to the close link between Iran’s space and military programmes, which work in tandem to develop its capacity to develop nuclear warheads,” Israel’s ambassador to the U.N. wrote to the Security Council. 

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