US to Knock-Out without Kinetic
October 22, 2018
France Launches The Program Of The Future French Aircraft Carrier
October 24, 2018
European Candidate for EMALS

EMALS (Electromagnetic Launch System) developed for US for Gerald R. Ford class aircraft has been demanded from Europe. France has announced that it is conducting negotiations with the United States to integrate EMALS into the new vessel to be constructed under the PA NG (Porte-avions de nouvelle generation) project.

France, which is currently working on which technologies to use on the platform, is trying to get an idea about components can be used with these studies. Within the scope of the studies initiated under the scope of the military planning of 2019-2025 period, France will decide how many aircraft carriers the country will supply. In this context, France also has the possibility of procuring two ships depending on the specified configuration.

FS Charles de Gaulle (R91) is currently the only aircraft carrier of France.

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