Qatar Gives up From E-737 AEW&C Deal
October 21, 2018
U-2 Pilots Follow Special Diet
October 23, 2018
US to Knock-Out without Kinetic

US Army requested a different task for leading defence industry companies this time. Army demanded a system to electronically eliminate enemy remote-controlled weapon systems (RCWS).

Due to the evolving armoured vehicle technology, the US chose to go to a different solution because it is difficult to approach enemy armoured elements without heavy weapons. The solution will be able to neutralize the enemy's weapon station, even it has no lethal effect. In this way, friendly elements will be less risky. Disabling the enemy RCWS in some way has less risk for friendly infantry elements and the surrounding area of the civilians. In this way, the enemy armoured targets, which are becoming more difficult to engage in the residential area without harming the environment. The system, which would not be lethal and would operate with a logic other than the principle of kinetic effect, was also requested to have the weight and dimensions that a single soldier could carry. A timeline for the project was not given to the companies.

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