Soyuz-5 On The Way
November 5, 2018
Korea and Spain to Barter Aircraft
November 7, 2018
Euronaval 2018 at Fifty

The seas have always bore great significance for France. In line with its geographical location, one part of the country opens up to the Atlantic Ocean while the other to the Mediterranean. In addition to location, France attaches importance to its arch-rival Britain’s naval supremacy policy no less than it cares about continental and offshore threats. For this reason, it always has an essential and efficient navy. Naval warfare systems exhibition, organised biannually in France, which attaches visible importance to the seas, features the most comprehensive show of force organised on land.

This year does not resemble the previous years. Despite the considerable rise of offshore threats in the world, the number of warships decreased without precedent. We are passing through an era in which multilateral diplomacy and international law prove to be lacking. In such a period, naval forces bear unprecedented importance.

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