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August 19, 2020
Arabian Intend for F-35
August 21, 2020
Domestic Diving Training Boat Counting Days

The Turkish Naval Forces Command adds strength to its infrastructure with domestic production systems.

The refitting activities of two Emergency Response and Diving Training Boats built by Desan Shipyard within the scope of Turkish Navy requirements have been completed. The construction works for the platforms, which will be delivered to the user with a ceremony to be held on August 23, started in October 2018. The software and hardware infrastructure of the bots were developed and manufactured with local means. Within the scope of the project, for the first time, propeller and shaft equipment in C4U military standards were produced locally at a rate of 100 percent and certified by Turkish Loyd.

Diving boats have 4+2 capacity modern pressure chambers. The boats will provide support to divers who will serve in emergency response operations as well as rescue operations. The length of the boats called TCG Dalgıç-1 (Y 15) and TCG Dalgıç-2 (Y 16) is 33 meters. Platforms with 226 tons displacement can reach a 16 knots speed.

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