Sweden Signs Contract with BAE Systems
February 3, 2023
Finland Ordered Spike
February 3, 2023
Denmark Meets with Elbit Systems

Having promised to deliver all 19 French-made Caesar howitzers to Ukraine, Denmark announced that it is in talks with Israel-based Elbit Systems for new mobile howitzers to close a critical gap.

The Danish Ministry of Defence said on Thursday that talks are underway with manufacturer Elbit Systems for delivery of ATMOS artillery parts and PULS rocket launch systems as soon as possible. The government said the rig could be delivered this year.

“The rocket launchers complement the new artillery systems,” the ministry said. Denmark ordered 15 mobile long-range howitzers from the French company Nexter in 2017 and ordered four more in 2019. But deliveries were delayed and only a few arrived. All of these were committed to Ukraine. Defence Minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen said the next purchases are important for Denmark’s defence and fulfilment of NATO commitments. “The donation to Ukraine leaves a critical capability gap in the defence field,” the minister said.

The system can carry 36 155 mm rounds and can reach targets up to 40 kilometres away. ATMOS can fire up to six shots per minute and can be mounted on most off-road 8X8 trucks.

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