European Fighter Project to Begin Demonstrator Phase
February 14, 2020
Singapore to Acquire F-35s
February 16, 2020
Defence Garage at Gazi

We have given place to Gazi University’s student club for defence, Modern Defence Technologies Community, in our magazine. The community has set up a “garage” to put theoretical work into practice. We wish this idea to be an example for other clubs.

C4Defence: We introduced you to our 77th issue before. Which projects is Gazi University Modern Defence Technologies Group interested in?

Gazi Garage: Gazi University Modern Defence Technologies Group was founded on 12 December 2017 thanks to the passion of engineering and innovation of our school students. Recently, we needed an area where we can work technically and produce new things, and thus Gazi Garage emerged. The primary purpose of Gazi Garage is to have an area where we can develop our engineering projects and to prepare for competitions.

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