Korean Marines soon to be armed with the LOGIR
January 2, 2017
215 New Weapons Stations to Brazil
January 4, 2017
China’s new ZTQ 105mm light tank is now in service with the PLA

ZTQ light tank appeared recently in PLA color. First pictures of the new tank appeared back in 2010. The whole development project was kept in secrecy and for a long time were no official comments regarding this new tank. The new Chinese light tank will be used for reconnaissance and infantry support operations. It can be airdropped and operate in areas, such as mountains, jungles and river regions, that are not accessible to heavier main battle tanks, such as the Type 96 and Type 99. The new tank weights around 33-36 tonnes, depending on armour configuration. Mobility and rapid redeployment is the key factor of this new combat vehicle.

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