Ukraine receives two Project 58155 Gyurza-M-class boats
January 1, 2017
China’s new ZTQ 105mm light tank is now in service with the PLA
January 3, 2017
Korean Marines soon to be armed with the LOGIR

Republic of Korea’s Marine Corps will soon be replacing its 90 mm coastal defence guns with the Low-Cost Guided Imaging Rocket (LOGIR) The LOGIR is an US Office of Naval Research (ONR) project to fit a imaging infrared seeker to the Hydra 70 2.75 inch rocket with participation from Republic of Korea. It transitioned as the weapon used in the Medusa Joint Capability Technology Demonstration with Korea. The program provided a precision guided 2.75 inch (70 mm) rocket for use with existing Hydra 70 systems in service; as such it has many similarities with the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System program. The principal difference between the systems is that while APKWS uses terminal laser homing, requiring the target to be 'painted' until impact, LOGIR would guide to a position supplied by the launching aircraft, using imaging infrared in the terminal phase making it a true fire-and-forget weapon.

The LOGIR will allow the Marines to target fast-moving vessels out to a range of 5-8 km compared to 1-2 km for the existing coastal guns. The new weapons will be deployed by the end of the year.

Local arms manufacturer LIG Nex1 has been developing the system for several years with the government approving deployment after extensive tests.

After LOGIRs are deployed with the Marine Corps, Seoul plans to provide the missiles to the Army and Navy.

Other guided Hydra Rockets on market and development phase are Low-Cost Guided Imaging Rocket, Guided Advanced Tactical Rocket – Laser (GATR), Direct Attack Guided Rocket, APKWS II and Roketsan’s Cirit. Cirit is the first product in the market while BAE Systems APKWS is only competitor in use in market.

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