Russia to Deliver Rocket Engines to U.S.
April 8, 2021
KF-X Prototype Assembly Completed
April 9, 2021
China Releases Video of Aircraft Carrier Shandong

Chinese state television visited the Shandong aircraft carrier, which was built in the country, and broadcast the footage.

The video also showed the take-off of the deployed aircraft and the operation of anti-aircraft systems, while the use of short-range missiles was also shared.

The development, announced by the South China Morning Post website in reference to military sources, showed that the giant ship could soon be able to take to the high seas while preparations were underway for the launch.

Shandong is expected to begin drills and training at the open sea by the end of this year.

China has integrated the S band Type 348 AESA air radar with a range of 450 kilometres into the aircraft carrier, which has a Soviet-era design. The length of the main runway on board is 300 meters.

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