Akinci Reached 20 Thousand Feet
August 19, 2020
Arabian Intend for F-35
August 21, 2020
Boxer Arrived to Continent

Established on a continent, Australia continues its efforts to renew the army.

The first of the 8×8 Boxer CRVs supplied under the agreement signed about two years ago reached Australia. The official delivery of these platforms to the Australian Defense Forces is aimed at the end of the year.

As part of the Land 400 Phase 2 Program, Canberra signed an agreement with Rheinmetall Defense Australia to supply 211 Boxers in 2018. The latforms that will be delivered in the process dating back to 2016 are aimed to replace 257 ASLAVs that are currently in active use. It has been announced that 133 of the Boxers to be delivered will be equipped with the Lance tower from Rheinmetall. The double-feed 30 mm main gun is capable of firing airburst ammunition and can send ammunition at an effective range of 3 thousand meters. Besides the 12.7mm UKSS, the Lance can be equipped with the Spike LR2 anti-tank missile.

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