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January 21, 2021
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January 21, 2021
Milosh Ready for Duty

The Serbian Armed Forces Special Operations Brigade received 10 BOV M16 Milosh 4×4 armoured vehicles, according to the Serbian Defence Ministry on January 18th 2021.

Serbian state defence firm Yugoimport SDPR is developing the vehicle, which was first unveiled at the IDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi in 2017. The APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier) configuration can accommodate up to 8 soldiers. Milosh is equipped with a remote-controlled weapon station (RCWS) that can be armed with a 12.7 mm machine gun, long-range anti-tank guided missile systems, air defence rocket systems.

The armoured vehicle, which is indicated to provide high mobility in all terrains and weather conditions, has an independent suspension system. The platform can be used for patrol missions, reconnaissance missions, as a command vehicle, for transport and support to special operations units, for border and zone control.

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