Russia Withdraws From Ukraine Border
April 23, 2021
U.S. Approval for ATAK Exports, HÜRKUŞ-C to Be Exported, Ukraine and Turkey Reach Motor Deal
April 26, 2021
Afghanistan Expects U.S. to Leave Weapons and Equipment to Afghan Armed Forces

After the United States announced it would withdraw from Afghanistan by September 11, the issue of what would happen to military equipment and platforms stationed in the region came to the fore.

The Afghan Defense Ministry believes that western countries will hand over their weapons and equipment to the Afghan army. A military official told Afghan media that weapons and equipment were needed for the armed forces to fight the Taliban.

No formal request has been made yet, but the Afghan government says it will formally request the transfer of weapons and equipment from the United States.

Western experts stress that after the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Afghan government will not be able to withstand the Taliban for long without external support.

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