Laser Defence by ASELSAN
May 8, 2017
High-speed Torpido Test Near Strait of Hormuz
May 10, 2017
ACV-15 Modernisation Package at IDEF 2017

Upgrading its first products, the Armoured Combat Vehicle (ACV) and Improved Armoured Personnel Carrier (IAPC) taking into account the evolving needs and newly emerging threats, FNSS FNSS will be demonstrating a prototype vehicle in IDEF 2017 on which it applied the comprehensive modernisation package. FNSS-made ACVs and IAPCs are currently in service with the Turkish Armed Forces and the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the Philippines.

Aiming to update the vehicles according to the changing threat landscape, to increase their performance, and to lengthen their lifespan, the company has been carrying out studies for some time now to improve their survivability, situational awareness and firepower.

General Manager and CEO of FNSS K. Nail Kurt stated that the company has been operating a state-owned facility in Saudi Arabia together with their local partner, where they modernize the M113 vehicles in Saudi Arabia’s inventory and now, adapting this experience, as well as the know-how and technology acquired while developing new vehicles, to the ACV and IAPC.

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