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July 1, 2022
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July 4, 2022
200 Meter DIMDEG Derya Will Be in Service Next Year

The head of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir conducted an examination in the making of Fleet Replenishment Ship (DIMDEG) in Yalova dock. 

This is what Prof. Dr. Demir said in his statement:

“This is our longest ship after Anadolu. With its 200-meter length and interior equipment and organization, it may be the Turkey’s biggest and most sophisticated ship for our Naval Forces. The pace of the project is very good, we hope to see this ship of ours at the sea on the 100th anniversary of our Republic, on the Republic Day. At the moment, very important stages of the ship have passed. We congratulate all our friends who contributed to this project. “

The Fleet Replenishment Ship Derya

The Fleet Replenishment Ship Derya project was started by the Presidency of Defense Industry in the Yalova dock in order to provide fuel and water replenishment in the sea with replenishment management in a faster way and it also includes providing afloat forces helicopter fuel.

Derya will also support the maintenance and repair of surface and underwater, manned and unmanned vehicles, helicopters and UAV’s on other ships. 


  • Full Length: 199.9 Meters
  • Maximum Width: 24.4 Meters
  • Displacement: 26.000 Tons
  • Speed: 24 Knots 
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