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February 18, 2022
200 Meter DIMDEG Derya Will Be in Service Next Year
July 4, 2022
NATO Strengthens the Defense Structure

French soldiers scan the horizon for possible threats with the French weapon system during exercise Ramstein Legacy 22. NATO and partner nations are taking part in exercise Ramstein Legacy 22, a NATO large-scale live-fire air defence exercise. Seventeen Allied and partner countries trained in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland with aircraft, missile defence systems and electronic warfare systems from 6 to 10 June 2022.

In the 32. NATO summit held in the capital of Spain Madrid between the dates of 28th-30th of June; leaders decided to take new measures to reinforce NATO’s defense.

The new measures are listed as;

  • To take the high readiness response force numbers up to 300,000.
  • To strengthen the NATO battlegroups and to have it upgraded to brigade for alliance located around East.
  • To strengthen air defense, command and control mechanisms alongside of pre-positioned equipment stocks.  
  • To have NATO’s units deployed in order to have reinforcement in case of a crisis and to help allies in need.

These measures are thought to increase NATO’s deterrence.

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