Kronstadt İHA’sına Vikhr-1 Tanksavar Füzesi
Ağustos 26, 2021
“The Stevie Awards for Great Employers”da ASELSAN’a  İki Dalda Ödül
Ağustos 27, 2021
Three die in plane crash in Slovakia

Three people were killed when their small plane crashed near the village of Mokry Haj in western Slovakia on Friday, the emergency services said. The four-seater plane was registered in neighbouring Czech Republic and was flying from there when it crashed at 0840 GMT near the Czech border. “Three people were found by members of the Fire and Rescue Service without signs of life,” spokeswoman for the rescue service, Lena Kostalova, told AFP. The accident occurred around 100 kilometres (62 miles) from the Slovak capital Bratislava. “After the crash, the plane burst into flames. The accident claimed three victims and it was probably a crew from the Czech Republic”, the regional police force said on Facebook.

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