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October 25, 2018
Israel Keep an Eye On Syria
October 27, 2018
Z-10 is Harder than Diamond

China Central Television recently released a video. In this video, additional armor plates were installed on the side of the cockpit of the Z-10 helicopter.

China's Z-10 helicopters developed for the attack on enemy armoured formations and it is considered that it will be exposed to heavy anti-aircraft fire. Due to this, China added additional armour plates to these platforms. These plates are made of graphene. These ultra-thin plates provide additional protection to pilots.

Graphene is one-atom layer of carbon tightly packed together in a hexagonal lattice. When two layers are stacked on top of each other — a configuration called diamene. In an article published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology in 2017, it was reported that Graphene was harder than diamond. Thinner and lighter than the plates that provide an equivalent level of protection of the graphene plates, these features attract attention.

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