New Agreement for KA4M1
October 26, 2018
Greek Apaches in Cyprus Island
October 28, 2018
New Product from Milkor

Milkor, which based in South Africa, introduced its new product. The platform, which is an armoured vehicle in a 4×4 configuration, was announced as Milkor 4×4.

Development activities started in 2017, and the first prototype rolled out from the production line in August 2018.  Milkor 4×4 is based on Iveco Trakker chassis. Platform has an all-welded steel body. Engine is placed in an armour-protected compartment at the front of the vehicle. The vehicle that provides protection at level B7 also provides protection against mines and IEDs thanks to its V-shaped body. The body of the platform can withstand 7 kilograms of anti-tank mines exploding under the body and 14 kilograms of mines under the wheel. Eight personnel can be carried in the vehicle, except the driver and commander. On the platform equipped with special explosion-proof seats, there are four doors on the roof of the vehicle and the powered door at the rear. Milkor 4×4 is powered by Iveco 240 HP engine and has a five-speed, one reverse Allison 3000 series transmission. The platform is capable of a maximum speed of 110 km / h and can reach a range of 1000 kilometres.

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