Russia’s Upgraded Tu-160M Strategic Bomber Performs First Flight
February 2, 2020
First Su-35 Made Maiden Flight
February 4, 2020
Will Charles de Gaulle achieve “Balance” in the Eastern Mediterranean?

Charles de Gaulle, France's aircraft carrier, turned its direction to the Eastern Mediterranean to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Paris, which wants to increase its military presence in the region, will deploy Charles De Gaulle at Limassol port in Greek Cypriot for several days next month. French Ambassador to Greek Cyprus Isabelle Dumont told the News Agency the aircraft carrier would arrive in the region in “just a few days” to take part in coalition operations against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Ms Dumont said the presence of the aircraft carrier was intended “to stabilise the region”. Limassol will be the only port visited by the nuclear-powered carrier during its mission, Ms Dumont added.

France is planning to expand its naval footprint in the eastern Mediterranean and last year signed an agreement with Greek Cypriot to use the Evangelos Florakis naval base in Mari, on the island's south coast. Greek Cypriot is working on expanding the base to make it capable of hosting French warships as part of an EU military investment program.

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