Armed Drone Delivered to Turkey
February 3, 2020
Turkish Armed Forces Modern Ammunition Disposal Plant
February 5, 2020
First Su-35 Made Maiden Flight

Russia continues its efforts to increase the efficiency of the platforms with its modernization and improvement activities.

According to a statement from the Russian Ministry of Defense, the first Su-35S made its first flight in the past days. It was announced that the platform, which meets the sky within the scope of the activity carried out on January 29, was manufactured as part of the first batch of 60 aircraft packages to be delivered to the Western Military District.

Su-35Ss, which are stated to operate in the fleet operating in Karelia, have high maneuverability thanks to the propulsion steering system. The platform, which has an improved body, avionics and radar system, has a partially reduced radar cross section at certain angles. The platform, which has the ability to navigate above the speed of sound, is also defined as 4 ++ generation by Russian sources.

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