Hürkuş Was In”Dog fight” Test
June 22, 2020
New Assignment for ElectraIC Management
June 24, 2020
Virus Didn’t Affect FNSS

Nail Kurt, FNSS General Manager and CEO, met with the leading names of the defence media in a live stream. Kurt made statements about the COVID-19 process.

Stating that the company focuses on increasing awareness, Kurt said that every issue is acted with the awareness that every problem can be solved. While underlining these steps were taken to increase communication and a committee was formed from different departments within the company, urgent and instant decisions were made about the necessary studies. In this way, Kurt stated that the company progressed the process without damaging, and explained that the necessary measures were taken at the highest level and that the work in the form of two shifts continues.

Underlining that the deliveries are not delayed, Kurt explained that the necessary precautions were taken regarding the STA Project, whose deliveries are still continuing, and that there is no delay. It was emphasized that deliveries may cause user-induced delays, while a manufacturing disruption was not foreseen. It was underlined that although there are minor disruptions in the final acceptance process due to Oman's travel restrictions, there are no serious delays. It was also stated that even though there are minor disruptions in the processes due to the fact that Malaysia has stopped production completely, the processes will not cause the delay.

Stating that a 15% decrease in turnover is expected due to the delay in processes in the ÖMTTZA and ACV Modernization projects, Nail Kurt stated that a virus-induced decline is not yet possible but possible effects can be felt in the future. It was underlined that there may be some problems due to the postponement/cancellation of exhibitions and events.

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