TCG İstanbul Waits for Preveza
June 21, 2020
Serial Production at End of 2021 for MAV
June 23, 2020
Hürkuş Was In”Dog fight” Test

New information emerges about Turkish Aerospace’s (TUSAŞ) Hürkuş-B plane, that crashed at near Ankara Beypazarı is unveiled.

According to information obtained by C4Defence, two Hürkuş-B aircraft were in the air before the accident took place. Two pilots Kerem Satıcı and Hüseyin Fazla flew on the aircraft that crashed. Pilot Murat Özpala was flying with another aircraft. The two planes were on the test for air combat, for a so-called dogfight. The two planes were going through a highly manoeuvrable process for these trials. Meanwhile, the second plane in between has become abnormal for an unknown reason, and pilots jumped out of the plane using Martin-Baker ejection seats. If a telemetry system has been installed on the aircraft in connection with the trials, it may be expected that a lot of information about the final state of the aircraft before the accident will emerge soon.

C4Defence’s Exclusive News. The news can be republished on condition that it cites the source.

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