Repair in Space
February 11, 2017
Russian An-30B in Italian Skies
February 13, 2017
Veteran II-38 Renewal

The Russian Navy is continuing its modernization project on the II-38 submarine warfare aircraft (ASW, NATO code: May). Russian Naval Aviation Major General Igor Kozhin announced during the ceremony held at the Ramenskoye Air Base in southern Moscow on 31 January that out of 54 II-38 ASW in inventory, 30 aircraft will be renewed by 2025. The Ilyushin Design Bureau will conduct mission system upgrade and airframe refurbishment of II-38 ASW aircraft, which has been in service for over fifty years. The final variant of the II-38 is II-38N ASW, which is capable of tracking 32 targets at the same time, has a 90 km-detection range against aerial platforms and 320 km-detection range against offshore platforms.

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