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December 9, 2022
Cooperation from Japan, England and Italy
December 12, 2022
USA’s New Amphibious Concept

The US Marine is working on a new concept of amphibious warfare. Head of the Marine Corps Combat Laboratory said this concept will be used to take advantage of and defend against new technologies.

The U.S. Marine Combat Laboratory announced in May that it is working on a concept for Amphibious Operations at the behest of the Marine Commander. Brigadier General Kyle Ellison said on last Tuesday that the concept is currently in draft form and is “moving fast to be completed and reviewed and signed with our partners, the Navy.”

When asked about the technology the Marine will develop and deploy to support this new concept, Ellison said the service has no choice but to act fast, get fleet input and the purchasing community to work on potential employment concepts. Ellison continued with these following words: “What we really need to do is incorporate new technologies into every ongoing exercise.”

Ellison explained that the new concept assumes that anti-access/area-denying capabilities will be in place as amphibious forces attempt to reach and operate in important marine terrain such as islands and straits.

Former commander of the lab, Major General Benjamin Watson, stated that since the Marine Corps began 2030 defence work, new concepts such as reserve forces and advanced expeditionary base operations have received great attention, but traditional amphibious operations also need to be modernized. Watson said the concept would be completed by the end of the year.

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