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August 10, 2020
Saab Prepares for GlobalEye AEW&C Proposal
August 12, 2020
US Test Launched Minuteman III

Although the crises and threats in the Cold War era are left behind, intercontinental ballistic missiles are still a major force factor.

The USA, one of the few nuclear superpowers in the world, has added another to its ballistic missile test launches. In a trial conducted last Tuesday, an LGM-30 Minuteman III ballistic missile was launched from the Vandenberg Air Force Base. The system fell into the ocean after a flight of about 7 thousand 400 kilometres. The USA announced that the trial was conducted to test the parameters of the weapon system such as safety, security, efficiency and combat readiness.

LGM-30, which has served as part of the US nuclear triad for many years; has a solid-fuel rocket motor, which uses a fuel based on ammonium perchlorate. The system, which has three stages, can reach about 10,000 kilometres range. The known another deployment points of Minuteman III, which can carry multiple-warhead called MIRV; silos at Warren, Malmstrom and Minot Air Force Bases.

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