Russo-Japanese Drills at Arabian Sea
January 22, 2020
First USMC F-35C is Operational
January 24, 2020
US Navy Retires Nuclear Submarine

Continuing to put Virginia class submarines into service, the American Navy is also retiring platforms that are at the end of their economic life.

Los Angeles class submarines, which were work horse of the US Navy during the Cold War, are slowly phasing out. The USA officially initiated the inactivation process of USS Pittsburgh (SSN 720) at a ceremony held at the Naval Underwater Museum located in Keyport, Washington. The submarine, which has been in naval service for 35 years, will arrive at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton. Then the platform's fuel systems will be removed and secured. Subsequently, the hull will be kept in storage and will be scrapped after the retirement processes are completed. The crew of the submarine will be transferred to another platform.

Los Angeles class submarines, are 109 meters long, are 10.1 meters wide. Nuclear driven platforms' displacement are 6927 tons can reach a maximum speed of 32 knots.

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