Korean Ship to Hormuz
January 21, 2020
Two New Corvettes to PLAN
January 23, 2020
Russo-Japanese Drills at Arabian Sea

Russia and Japan, which frequently coma face to face due to the Kuril Islands and coastal waters problems have come up with an astonishing attempt recently.

The Russian Baltic Fleet ship RFNS Yaroslav Mudry and the Russian naval tanker Yelnya and the Viktor Konetsky tugboat, and the JS Harusame (DD 102) destroyer, carried out joint exercises in the Arabian Sea. Within the scope of the trainings, activities such as communication with the flashlight communication trainings and information sharing to the communications were carried out. Following the briefing held in RFNS Yaroslav Mudry, the units affiliated with the two sides carried out an exercise with a scenario to rescue a platform seized by pirates. The JS Harusame and RFNS Yaroslav Mudry positioned for simulated fire support missions in this process. Within the scope of the activities, the platforms organized helicopter crossflights as well as firing drills with high calibre barreled weapons. The helicopters of the two sides also trained to land on the runway of the other country ship.

In this way, the parties strengthened their operational collaboration with joint activities and while enhancing their joint cooperation capabilities code sharing.

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