Ka-52 Alligator Helicopters For the Egyptian Armed Forces
August 5, 2018
France will be Up-Armored with Scorpion
August 7, 2018
Urgent Procurement of Brazil

Federal Intervention Office (GIF) of Brazil to procure LMV tactical wheeled vehicles from Italy. It is reported that 16 vehicles will be purchased through direct purchasing without a tender with the approval of the Brazilian Court of Auditors. The reason for this is announced as the high need, the vehicles must be in inventory at the end of October. As a result of the negotiations, it is reported that a total of US $ 4.4 million will be paid for 16 vehicles. It is also clear that this urgent purchase is not in relation with the Guarani Military Strategic Program (PEE Guarani) signed between Brazil and Italy.

LMV has 2+3 personnel capacity, proving itself in attacks such as mines, booby traps and ambushes in Afghanistan. LMV's protection level can be increased according to need, thanks to its modular structure. The vehicle, which weighs 7,750 kilograms, is powered by 197 BG Iveco F1C diesel engine. The maximum speed of the vehicle, which has an operating capacity of 700 km, is 110 km / h.

Brazil will supply more than 100 LMVs under the PEE Guarani Program. The vehicles will be produced at Brazil-based Sete Lagoas (MG) plants.

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