HAVA SOJ Becomes Reality
August 8, 2018
Mexico Gets Evolved Seasparrow Missiles
August 11, 2018
Ukraine to Unveil New Weapon

Ukraine has announced the development of a 155 mm truck-mounted howitzer. The system, called Bogdana, was integrated on the KrAZ 6×6 truck. Platform developed the Ukraine based AutoKrAZ company. Bogdana 6×6, equipped with a modern ballistic computer-controlled fire control system, has a welded steel armored cabin. There are also screens behind the vehicle for the use of the crew during shooting.

The new artillery system is planned to has 780 meters minimum and 40 kilometers maximum range. System's range is planned to increase to 50 kilometers range. Bogdana can shoot 6 round perminute. Platform is developed in accordance with NATO standards. Bogdana's combat weight is 28,000 kilograms. Turbocharged diesel engine powered platform can carry 20 pieces of ready-to-fire ammunition. The vehicle is expected to be officially unveiled on the Ukrainian Independence Day on August 24th.

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