Georgia to Procure Javelin Missiles from US
August 9, 2021
BAE Systems Introduces New Multidimensional Operations Simulator
August 10, 2021
Ukraine Receives R-27 Missile Order From An Asian Country

Vladimir Zimin, head of Ukrainian missile manufacturer JSC Artem, reported that they received an order for R-27 air-to-air missiles from an Asian country.

Zimin stated that the order of over 200 million US Dollars was the biggest order of the last 10-15 years and noted that they received prepayment.

The name of the country that placed the order was not disclosed.

No information was given about which type of R-27 missile, which has various guidance types in different versions, will be exported. Semi-active radar guidance system is used in ER-1 and R-1 models of R-27 missile, infrared guidance system is used in ET-1 and T-1 models, and passive radar guidance system is used in EP-1 and P-1 models.

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