S-500 to Intercept Hypersonic Missiles with a Nuclear Warhead
August 8, 2021
USAF to Test Hypersonic Aircraft
August 8, 2021
UK to Give Two Minesweepers to Ukraine

The British Royal Navy press office reported that two decommissioned minesweepers will be handed over to Ukraine.

Two ships, HMS Ramsey and HMS Blyth, were decommissioned last week (August 4).

HMS Ramsey was commissioned in September 2000 and HMS Blyth in February 2001.

Ships will undergo repair and refurbishment before being delivered to Ukraine.

Sandown class minelayers will be delivered to Ukraine under the agreement signed with the United Kingdom.

The ships are 52.5 meters long, 10.9 meters wide and have a displacement of 660 tons.

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