Technology Transfer from Turkey to India
February 23, 2021
Anka UAV With Increased Range Delivered to Turkish Naval Forces
February 24, 2021
UAE Expects to Be Included in F-35 Supply Chain

After ‘normalizing’ relations with Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) requested the purchase of the fifth-generation fighter jet F-35 Lightning II from the United States; Just before Joe Biden officially took over, it was stated that the government of Donald Trump had signed the agreement with the UAE.

The Biden administration is reconsidering the approved sale of 50 F-35s and 18 armed drones. UAE-based arms manufacturer EDGE expects to join Lockheed Martin’s supply chain of F-35 aircraft if the White House agrees to continue the sale of fighter jets to the Gulf.

“Any platform that is coming to the country, we are now getting heavily involved in this supply chain in whatever component that makes sense for the client and for us,” EDGE CEO Faisal al-Bannai said.

EDGE and Lockheed Martin also reached a preliminary agreement to “explore opportunities for industrial engagement in the UAE’s aerospace and defence industry.”

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