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November 21, 2022
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November 21, 2022
Turkish Companies at IDEAS 2022

International Defence Fair and Seminar IDEAS, where Asian countries and industry professionals meet in the defence industry, will be held in Karachi, Pakistan, on 15-18th November this year.

The leading companies of the Turkish defence industry took their places with their products and solutions at the fair, which hosted important collaborations and product promotions. Faced with the intense interest of the visitors, Turkish companies achieved significant success at the fair.

While the notables of the Turkish defence industry exhibited their products at their stands at the fair, they also signed important agreements.

Canik added a new one to its export success by signing an agreement with the Pakistani company for the export of the M2 machine gun.

At the fair, SDT Space and Defence Technologies Inc. signed a contract with the Pakistan Air Force to develop systems that will provide “pilot tactical training” through simulation.

Among the products to be exhibited at the fair, Meteksan Defence also met with intense interest from the visitors, with the YAKAMOS 2020 Hull Mounted Sonar System, which was exported to Pakistan for the first time.

TUSAS Engine Industries Inc. (TEI) managed to take its place among the prominent companies by exhibiting its engine systems and solutions at IDEAS 2022.

The fair continues to bring together industry professionals and companies by hosting collaborations and product promotions.

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