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March 6, 2020
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March 8, 2020
Turkish Coast Guard Vessel Intercepted Hellenic CG Boat

The Hellenic Coast Guard increased its activities in the Aegean to intercept irregular migration. Greek element violated Turkish borders during mission.

In order to intervene irregular migration, ΛΣ-618 (LS-618) tried to push the boat carrying irregular migrants to Turkish borders during the interception task. Meanwhile, the boat violated the Turkish Territorial Waters. TCSG 905 intercepted and accompanied it to outside the Turkish borders by avoiding the Greek Coast Guard element by entering the region upon violation.  At the moments recorded by camera, it was noticed that the TCSG 905 boat was close to a distance where the ΛΣ-618 could touch the stern of the Greek platform and that the Turkish boat was moving rapidly without difficulty at the helm.

The Coast Guard Search and Rescue Boats built at the Damen Shipyard's facilities located in Antalya are assigned to detect, intercept, search, rescue and patrol illegal activities. These elements, which are designed to work in heavy weather and sea conditions, can operate without losing their balance in undulating and unstable marine environments thanks to their Axe-Bow structure. The boats are 19 meters long and have 34 tons of displacement. Elements, which can reach 33 knots per hour, has self-righting ability when capsized.

The ΛΣ-617 and ΛΣ-618 boats, which can serve as the Φαίακας (Faiakas) Class, can reach a maximum speed of 32 knots.

There are four Dost class corvettes in the Turkish Coast Guard Command inventory, which has been successfully performing tasks such as safe navigation, intervening irregular migration and anti-smuggling in Turkish waters for many years. In addition to SAR 33, SAR 35 and 80 class boats, which have been in use since the cold war period and have considerable firepower, continue their duties after modernization. Kaan-class elements, which are named according to their hull lengths and whose maximum speeds are between 40 and 62 knots / hour and equipped with 12.7 mm machine gun and remote control weapon systems, are the high speed response force of the Turkish Coast Guard. There are also platforms for SAGET boats and Dive Safety, Security and Search and Rescue Teams for search rescue, to intervene illegal activities in coastal waters.

There are many large and small elements in the Hellenic Coast Guard, the largest of which is 58 meters long and 450 tons of displacement. Except for some platforms, boats usually equipped with 12.7 mm machine guns. LCS-57s, which are the fastest boats of Hellenic CG can reach 50+ knots per hour.

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