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August 26, 2021
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August 26, 2021
Turkey’s ASW Capabilities Will Rank Up with AKYA and ORKA

Roketsan has showed the new generation of its brand new torpedoes, 324 mm light torpedo ORKA and 533 mm heavy torpedo AKYA at the IDEF’21 Defense Fair, which was held for the 15th time this year.

These torpedoes are an important step for the Turkish Navy to get rid of foreign dependency in critical situations.

The guidance technology of the torpedoes, which are used as the main weapon in anti-submarine warfare, is a very difficult and critical technology to acquire, since different types of submarines have different acoustic signatures. Another reason for that is, many developed countries are trying to develop measures against torpedoes.

AKYA and ORKA torpedoes will be able to hit targets from different platforms thanks to acoustic search algorithms developed and their passive and active sonar sensors.

The main platform for the launchers of the AKYA heavy class torpedo is submarines and surface ships.

The Orka light class torpedo can also be launched from different types of aircrafts.

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